Hastings Law Firm

  • CLIENT Hastings Law Firm
  • WE DID Web Design, SEO, PPC, Local SEO
  • The ProblemClient was stuck in a 3 year contract with a big name "Lawyer Marketing" firm, but the results they were receiving were well below their expectations for the amount of money they were spending. Client contacted us to perform an SEO audit and uncover what, if any, marketing was being done for their firm. Our research showed that the client was not ranking noticeably for any major keywords. Moreover, the majority of the "leads" the client was receiving were coming from directory listings provided by the current marketing firm - their directory happened to rank #1 for the exact same search terms they were supposedly "optimizing" for the client's site. In short, the marketing firm was in direct competition with their clients. To make matters worse, this marketing firm was also working with three direct competitors to the client, all of which ranked HIGHER than the client.
  • Our SolutionAfter consulting with the client and exposing the issues with their current provider, they agreed to bring Mentat onboard to implement a complete marketing strategy that included website design, call tracking, SEO and AdWords. Having already spent an exorbitant amount of money on digital marketing over the past three years, the client was understandable reluctant to approve a large budget for website re-design. So we worked within the client's budget to create a simple design that would emphasis calling the firm immediately. We also put into place a strong pay per click campaign to cover the entire Texas market area.
  • The ResultsThe results have been undeniable - a 40% reduction in monthly marketing costs, a 300% increase in lead volume, and a 125% increase in signed clients. Despite the face that the client's industry is extremely competitive we were able to crack #1 rankings for major keywords within 12 months. This has resulted in the firm preparing to open additional locations across Texas. The client has also approved a complete redesign of their website based on our suggestions.